• -- GJS trainer Jason Jünger during a combat awareness training exercise.
  • --Treating a casualty who's just gone unconscious.
  • . Kampala, Uganda - GJS' Paul Burton training women journalists to take cover from a grenade.
  • --Navigating a hostile mob played by actors in Kampala. Photo: IWMF
  • --Trainees encounter a militia checkpoint in Kampala. Photo: IWMF
  • --An NGO worker undergoes a training exercise in our "Old City Square" arena.
  • --GJS' Sara Salam discussing stress, self-care & sexual assault.
  • --Discussing assault risks in Kampala, Uganda.
  • ---Guards watching captives during a training exercise for the State Dep't SAFE program.
  • --Training team using an improvised stretcher on a cold day near Washington, DC.
  • ----Intelligence agents check the cellphone of a captive during an interrogation training exercise.
  • . Kampala, Uganda --Practicing a two-person casualty carry.
  • --GJS' Cary Ingram demonstrating a one-person casualty carry.
  • --In DC or on location, we hire professional actors to enhance training simulations. Photo: IWMF

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Emotional Self-Care Workshops

Compassion Fatigue & Personal Self-Care

Global Journalist Security is a forward-looking, technology-oriented Hostile Environments training and consulting firm. We draw from cutting edge military, law enforcement and civilian protocols to adjust to constantly evolving environments. We cover traditional threats like combat hazards and emergency first-aid, along with relatively newer concerns including sexual assault, organized crime and civil unrest. We uniquely integrate emotional trauma awareness and self-care into our training. We further integrate digital safety and technology into many of our courses. Our trainers include former U.K. and U.S. elite military personnel, U.S. counter-terrorism and law enforcement personnel, martial artists and personal safety experts, former rape crisis counselors, experienced journalists and human rights defenders, and digital security experts. Read More About GJS