• After finishing a combat exercise.
  • --Improvised stretcher carry. Photo by Stella Sewe.
  • Screen shot of the digital safety tool Tor. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
  • --Trainee learning sexual assault avoidance techniques.
  • --Trainees negotiate with village women. Photo by Stella Sewe.
  • Illustrating the deadly contact points on a Bounding Anti-Personnel mine.
  • --Trainees undergoing rush-ground-crawl exercise. Photo by Joe Hill.
  • --Villagers turn on and surround trainees. Photo by Stella Sewe.
  • --Captivity exercise in Kenya. Photo by Stella Sewe.
  • Professional actors like ex-US Marine Joe Mills here enhance our training scenarios.
  • Keeping neck and spine straight while rolling casualty onto an improvised stretcher.
  • GJS' Nan Potell teaching auto accident protocols.

What's New At GJS

Women's Awareness and Safety Training

Women’s Safety and Awareness Training

A new, single day course on sexual assault avoidance and defense.
Organizational Resilience

Organizational Resilience

Consultancy and classes to support personnel as they navigate exposure to trauma.
Security Advisors

Security Advisors

Discreet and proven security professionals working with media and NGO clients.

Core Services



Hostile Environment and First Aid Training for civilians in high-risk environments.
Digital Safety

Digital Safety

Digital safety workshops and small group sessions for newsrooms and NGOs.
Emotional Self-Care

Emotional Self-Care

A pioneering approach to training for resiliency, stress release, and trauma.
Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest

Scenarios (in-person and online) of unrest, protest scenes, and police arrests.
Custom Courses

Custom and Online Courses

Customized courses on demand for nonprofit and news organizations.
The GJS Difference

The GJS Difference

Why has GJS become the leading US-based provider of hostile environments training?
GJS In The News

In The News

Read highlights of GJS coverage from The New Yorker, Foreign Policy, and more.
Supporting Freelance Journalists and Human Rights Defenders

Giving Back

We provide discounted training for qualified freelance journalists and activists.

GJS In The Media

GJS on The Daily Show

Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. prepares with GJS for the 2016 Republican National Convention.

GJS and The Ground Truth Project

Journalists with The Ground Truth Project attend a customized natural hazards training course.

GJS on PRI’s “The World”

Photo courtesy of Maria Murriel, Public Radio International


Photo courtesy of Armando Trull, WAMU