• ---GJS trainees practice maneuvering under fire. Photos by Alexander Morozov
  • ---Screen shot of the digital safety tool Tor. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.
  • - GJS' Sara Salam instructs navigating through a sexually aggressive mob.
  • ---Keeping neck and spine straight while rolling casualty onto an improvised stretcher.
  • ---Trainees ordered out of their vehicle at a rural checkpoint.
  • -- A trainee checking an unconscious casualty in Goma, DRC. Photo by IWMF.
  • --Trainees undergo questioning by militia forces.
  • --Illustrating the deadly contact points on a Bounding Anti-Personnel mine.
  • ---GJS' Nan Potell teaching auto accident protocols.
  • ---Professional actors like ex-US Marine Joe Mills here enhance our training scenarios.
  • --Lowering your profile during a combat exercise in Goma, DRC. Photo by IWMF.
  • ---Trainees checking a casualty's open stomach wound before moving him.
  • ---GJS Training Director Paul Burton discussing ordnance and shrapnel.

Global Journalist Security is a forward-looking, technology-oriented Hostile Environments training and consulting firm, and the only news and nonprofit training provider to successfully compete in both the private and donor-driven sectors. We draw from cutting edge military, law enforcement and civilian protocols to adjust to constantly evolving environments. We cover traditional threats like combat hazards and emergency first-aid, along with relatively newer concerns like sexual assault, organized crime and civil unrest. We uniquely integrate emotional trauma awareness and self-care into our training. We further integrate digital safety and technology into many of our courses. Our trainers include former U.K. and U.S. elite military personnel, U.S. counter-terrorism and law enforcement personnel, emergency medical technicians, martial artists, rape crisis counselors, journalists, human rights defenders, and digital security experts. Read More About GJS

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