• -- GJS' Sara Salam instructs a trainee how to navigate through a hostile mob in the "Old City." ...Photo: Alexander Morozov.
  • --NGO workers practice carrying a casualty with a rolled bed sheet.
  • -- Trainees undergoing a captivity exercise in the "Old City." Photo: Alexander Morozov
  • . Kampala, Uganda - GJS' Paul Burton training women journalists to take cover from a grenade.
  • --GJS Trainer Cary Ingram demonstrating a one-person casualty carry.
  • --Discussing assault risks in Kampala, Uganda.
  • -- GJS trainers Paul Buron and Sara Salam share a light moment with trainees between exercises.
  • . Kampala, Uganda --Practicing a two-person casualty carry.
  • --Treating a casualty who's just gone unconscious.
  • --In DC or on location, we hire professional actors to enhance training simulations. Photo: IWMF
  • -- Intelligence agents check the cellphone of a captive during a training exercise for the State ...Department's SAFE initiative.
  • --Trainees encounter a militia checkpoint in Kampala. Photo: IWMF

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