Digital Safety Workshops for NGOs

Consider digital safety training a gift to future you.


All of us are human—but it takes just one well-intentioned mistake to cause millions of dollars worth of damage to your organization. Learn the basics now and be prepared for tomorrow.

Explore digital safety principles for NGOs with our introductory workshop, taught by a personable, experienced trainer who doesn’t speak tech jargon—then move up to more advanced topics depending upon your unique needs.

Take a look at our full curriculum here.

  • Learn critical techniques like threat modeling, avoiding phishing attacks, and the principles of encryption, along with hands-on practice.


  • Learn in your office at times that are convenient to you, whether that’s a lunch break or a half-day seminar.


  • Gain valuable certifications for each level you complete, demonstrating your proficiency and your accomplishments.

Matt Mitchell Global Journalist Security

These workshops are led by Matt Mitchell, independent senior trainer and security researcher at Global Journalist Security. Matt specializes in issues faced by newsrooms and freelance journalists. He also trains activists, human rights defenders and journalists in digital and operational security tactics.

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