The Global Journalist Security Difference

Global Journalist Security has become the top, US-based hostile environments training and consulting firm, and a leading provider of training and consulting services around the world. Why are so many leading nonprofit health, development and aid organizations, news outlets including print, broadcast and new media, women’s groups, counter-terrorism organizations, environmental outfits, and government agencies all choosing GJS to meet their training and consulting needs?
Experience — Each of our lead trainers has decades of ground experience whether they draw from military, intelligence, law enforcement, emergency response, self-defense, psycho-social, journalist or NGO backgrounds.
Innovative — Rather than replicate outdated military protocols, we’ve drawn from different sources to design our own training to better suit unarmed humanitarians, journalists and others working in the field.
Cultural Awareness — Our simulation exercises take into account cultural mores and political conditions to develop nuanced scenarios that challenge trainees to make tough decisions.
Pioneering — We were the first to develop training to address sexual assault including different simulation exercises covering both individual and mob attacks, as well as more subtle abuses of friendship or authority.
Integrative — We’ve integrated emotional awareness and self-care into all our training to give trainees the opportunity to learn about their own reactions to stress and how to both identify and manage them.
Forward-Looking — We’ve embraced technology from the start, teaching digital safety hygiene in our HEFAT classes, offering more advanced digital training on demand, and also providing online training options.
State-of-the-Art — We use various, advanced technologies to safely deliver the sounds, smells and pressure waves of combat and terrorist attacks, along with a panoply of other sound effects to enhance simulations.
Live Actors — Rather than use static manikins, we use actors, some wearing state-of-the-art bleeding simulation gear, to give trainees the chance to treat, say, multiple pumping arterial wounds on a screaming patient.
We do a few more, more subtle things, too.
We Listen — We listen to both our trainees and clients, and make changes and adjustments to meet their and their organization’s specific needs to keep on providing both a safe and challenging training environment.
We’re Nimble — We love our “Old City” and “Farm” facilities near Washington, but we’ve learned how to travel and still deliver quality, affordable training on-site in cities like Kinshasa, Riga, Bujumbura and Nairobi.
We’re Reasonable — We strive both to keep training affordable and to be flexible in allowing organizations to reschedule or rotate trainees as work demands, usually with little or no penalty.
We Give Back — We help independent human rights defenders, environmental activists and freelance journalists get the training and support they need at reduced rates. Our partners whom we help include World Pulse, a global network of women activists, Ground Truth Project, Waterkeepers Alliance, Overseas Press Club Foundation, Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, and City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. We are also the only full-time, US-based provider approved by both the Rory Peck Trust and Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma.