Organizational Resilience Training

Help your people and your organization build a culture of support and resilience.


In this training, we work with leaders to build a culture of support and with teams to cultivate resilience. Together we improve effectiveness by forging a healthy climate of communication, collaboration, and trust.

Through working sessions that range from a half-day to a full week, we improve sustainability by supporting personnel as they navigate repeated exposure to secondary and direct trauma.

These workshops are available to nonprofit organizations, news outlets, corporations, government agencies and others.

  • Prepare yourself and your colleagues to perform under pressure in high-risk postings and assignments.


  • Learn how to detect and manage stress and trauma—including PTSD.


  • Develop custom strategies to anticipate and handle hardships and learn practical strategies to defuse difficult situations of all kinds.

Pat Drew

These workshops are led by Pat Drew, a resilience, leadership, and personnel trainer at Global Journalist Security. Pat has provided resilience, leadership and effectiveness training to a host of organizations and was the long-time director of the Employee Assistance Program at The New York Times.

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