July 4-6: 3-Day Hostile Environments & Emergency First Aid – Essential Skills (Gaza)


Our best selling class, this 3-Day course is popular among NGO workers and journalists alike. The HEFAT Essential Skills class imparts key skills to navigate moderate- to high-risk environments. The curriculum covers emergency first-aid including vehicle accidents and improvised stretchers & carries, situational awareness, weapons & ballistics, risk reduction, travel security, basic digital hygiene, personal safety against street crime, sexual assault & hostile mobs, resilience & emotional self-care, ordnance & combat hazards, interrogations & captivity.

Note: The fee for overseas courses in Nairobi and Gaza includes water, tea breaks and snacks, but not transportation, meals or lodging. Once you register for the course, however, we will provide hotel contact information so you may book a room at our discounted rate.

Class is contingent upon having sufficient trainees. If for any reason we were to cancel the course, we would issue refunds in full.