September 11-15: 5-Day Hostile Environments & Emergency First Aid – Conflict, Captivity, and Resilience


A demanding class, this 5-Day course prepares conflict reporters, humanitarians and diplomats for high-risk environments including but not limited to the Horn of Africa, the Middle East, South-Central Asia and the Philippines. The course emphasizes risk assessment and planning to help trainees evaluate threats and avoid hazards. Special instruction is providing in reading body language and baselining people to better navigate situations. Trainees learn how their own online profiles may be exploited during interrogations as they also learn techniques to survive captivity. The cultivation of emotional resilience to endure traumatic experiences is another unique aspect of this course. Other subjects include: emergency first-aid, vehicle accident protocols; improvised stretchers & carries; weapons & ballistics; personal safety against assault and hostile mobs; navigating checkpoints; IEDs, booby-traps & landmines; ordnance & combat hazards.