Risk Assessments

Before you travel, consider the risks.

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Identifying and evaluating risk is the first step to staying safe. This free service is designed for working professionals including NGO personnel, human rights defenders, journalists and others to complete before travel to potentially dangerous areas. Our approach encourages everyone—starting with personnel in the field—to take responsibility for their own security. We invite both individuals and organizations to integrate this tool or another one like it into your travel safety protocols.

The free online tool is designed to both engage users and protect their most sensitive information. First a questionnaire guides you through points and insights worth considering before your departure. Then our printable or downloadable (do you understand the risks of downloading malicious files?) Travel Plan Workbook allows you to note more sensitive information to share with trusted supervisors and colleagues.

We also offer more advanced risk assessment options. GJS regularly provides mentored risk assessment evaluations for nonprofit and other organizations. This involves having individuals complete the tool on their own and then have one of our experts follow-up via phone, Skype, or encrypted chat to help flesh out vulnerabilities, gaps, and questions and provide specific, applicable recommendations toward mitigating the physical, digital, and emotional risks of deployment. Please see the Advanced option below.

We also regularly provide custom risk assessments for organizations either deploying or maintaining personnel in hostile regions. Each of reports goes far beyond standard travel advisory warnings to provides a comprehensive, but still readable and concise overview of the region’s recent history, security forces, irregular groups, street crime, and environmental threats, and recent incidents and attacks. A custom assessment further includes geographic- and mission-specific recommendations for physical, digital, and emotional safety protocols for both international and local personnel. Sample risk assessments are available upon request. Please see Custom below.




Free$300 per assessment (group rates also available)Pricing based on need
Complete the Risk Assessment Tool and download a copy of the Travel Plan worksheet.Complete the Risk Assessment Tool and receive follow-up guidance from our staff via phone, Skype, or encrypted chat to help guide your planning.Our staff researches and assembles a customized risk assessment report tailored to your needs.
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