Risk Management

Thinking outside the box is what sets us apart. Our diverse and eclectic team of security professionals and analysts are all at the top of their game. Each one draws from a different background, along with different nationalities and training, to together provide fresh, integrated intelligence.

  • Deep Dive Risk Assessments — Our risk assessments are not off-the-shelf mimeographs that do little more than copy and paste Western embassy security guidelines. Instead our team provides comprehensive assessments that include both key and concise background material, followed by deep dive contemporary analysis. All of it written in a readable, engaging format designed for executives with limited time. (Our experts have written for The Economist, and had bylines in Foreign Affairs and Jane’s Intelligence Review.Finally, each risk assessment comes with ground-specific recommendations tailored to your specific operations and goals. 


  • Discreet Security Advisors — Our advisors are proven security professionals with different skills sets. What they share in common is the ability to be accompany clients discreetly, or without attracting unnecessary attention, while putting your safety first. We have security personnel with different language capabilities. We also provide our own field personnel with support including communications gear and emergency services to help them protect you on the ground. We deploy individually and in teams as needed.


  • Integrated Security Reviews — We help organizations discover their own security vulnerabilities across both physical and digital realms, and work with them to establish solid protocols to keep their information, communications, equipment, facilities, personnel and stakeholders all safe. We review organizational procedures from headquarters to field offices, in addition to reviewing communications, travel and lodging policies prior to secure operations and personnel on the ground.


  • Security Penetration Testing —  Our digital security experts will test your platforms, networks and users to find points of weakness that could put your operations and people at risk. We identify assets and both the user targets and technological doors that hackers could use to penetrate your system. We provide a detailed breakdown of your organization’s vulnerabilities. We train your users to avoid mistakes, and work with your technologists to minimize vulnerabilities.


  • Crisis Management Training — Our personnel recovery experts will present a series of crisis management protocols, covering both ethical and legal risks, and multiple response options. One of our emotional self-care experts will lead the team in tactical breathing, which may seem out of place in an office until a simulated crisis hits. We will then simulate scenarios for your executive team to manage such as a disappearance or death, a delicate and complex exfiltration, a kidnapping-for-ransom, or some two or more at the same time. We will debrief from the experience as a group, and work with you to establish a sustainable response strategy.

Interested in these services? Contact us at GJS AT journalistsecurity DOT net.