Global Journalist Security provides Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT) for journalists, NGO professionals, and other civilians operating in moderate and high-risk environments. We focus on the skills that a journalist or NGO worker would need to successfully navigate unrest, combat, criminal targeting or threats of sexual violence by equipping our trainees with concise, action-oriented training. Our HEFAT courses range from 2-day refresher courses to comprehensive 5-day courses focusing on advanced medical training and kidnapping and detention. Read more about our HEFAT course offerings on our booking site.

Sexual Assault Avoidance

As the first major HEFAT provider to incorporate sexual assault awareness into our curriculum, Global Journalist Security believes a proactive and candid approach to sexual risk is essential in any security training. We employ former rape crisis counselors, mental health experts, and personal safety trainers to facilitate an open and honest environment that supports hands-on training in sexual assault avoidance. All our HEFAT courses include a sexual assault avoidance component and we can offer additional, in-depth coursework upon request. Read more about the thinking behind our sexual assault avoidance training.

Emotional Self-Care

Global Journalist Security pioneered the concept of incorporating emotional self-care curricula into our HEFAT training programs, including modules on resiliency, stress release, and coping with trauma. We work closely with leading experts in the fields of trauma and self-care to ensure that our training teaches widely recognized and supported methods for psychological support in the face of stress. Each of our HEFAT courses incorporates elements of emotional self-care and support, and all participants are able to access counseling support immediately after completing their training. Read more about the philosophy behind why we do this.

Digital Safety

To meet a pressing need for additional digital safety skills amongst reporters and NGO professionals, Global Journalist Security works with leading digital safety and Internet freedom experts to conduct annual digital safety workshops, as well as customized small group sessions for newsrooms, activists, NGOs, and international organizations in the legal and diplomatic fields. We also incorporate an additional digital safety module into all of our HEFAT training courses. Our digital safety training incorporates both basic digital hygiene and more sophisticated curriculum on encryption, anonymous usage, and data security. Read more about our digital safety courses on our digital courses page.

Custom Courses

Depending upon their size, needs, or desired curriculum, organizations often find organizing custom courses to be the easiest way to train and prepare their staff for assignments. Global Journalist Security offers all our standard courses in private settings, and can also create customized course material based upon a team’s particular needs or composition. We conduct custom classes both in our Washington, DC training facility as well as locations around the world depending upon client preferences and availability. Custom classes can also be priced competitively based on number of attendees, location, and desired topics. Read more about our current custom course offerings on our course listings page.

Custom: Active Shooter

What was once an isolated incident has tragically become a monthly reality in the United States, as mass shooters have begun to target workplaces and public gathering places. Global Journalist Security provides active shooter awareness training for organizations of all sizes, including journalists reporting on shootings and teams trapped in a shooting situation. We utilize the latest law enforcement guidelines in our curriculum, as well as hands-on demonstrations and roleplaying to experience firsthand how to protect yourself and others. Additionally, we offer active shooter training both at our Washington, DC training facility and in company offices and headquarters buildings. Read more about our available courses on our booking site.

Custom: Kidnapping and Crisis Management

The kidnapping or hostage-taking of a colleague during an assignment can be a major challenge for any organization no matter their size. Global Journalist Security works with teams of all sizes to simulate a kidnapping situation, from distraught family members to captors to government and diplomatic personnel who may become involved. We also evaluate current policies and contingency plans and ensure that team leaders are fully prepared to put plans into action in the event of an emergency. We offer this training both at our Washington, DC facility and in the offices and facilities of our clients. Read more about our custom courses at our full course listings page.

Custom: Civil Unrest, Riots and Protests

Journalists and humanitarian professionals often find themselves caught in situations of civil unrest, whether covering protests or mob violence or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. To help prepare teams to operate safely in these situations, Global Journalist Security runs complete scenarios of mob violence, protest scenes, and law enforcement crackdowns on large groups, both at our Washington, DC facility and at locations around the world. We cover appropriate positioning, working as a team, keeping your equipment and valuables safe, and staying aware against opportunists and sexual aggressors. Read more about our custom courses at our full course listings page.

Custom: Health Epidemics and Natural Disasters

In the face of global disease threats and dangers associated with extreme weather and natural disasters, Global Journalist Security works with experienced emergency response and public health experts to prepare humanitarian and media teams operating in potentially hazardous conditions. At our Washington, DC training facility and in the field, we review principles of disease transmission, basic first aid and casualty care, and risks associated with natural disasters, including flooding, fires, and civic disorder and breakdown. Our training has been used by organizations including the GroundTruth Project, which sends reporters to cover the threats associated with climate change worldwide. Read more about this course on our full course listings page.

Custom: Humanitarian Compassion Fatigue

For many humanitarian professionals and journalists, witnessing trauma, either firsthand or through eyewitness testimony, is part of their job. But developing relationships with trauma sufferers—or suffering yourself—can take a toll on your emotional well-being and sense of self. Because learning practical and easy-to-use coping mechanisms can make a serious difference in dealing with trauma, Global Journalist Security offers a one-day workshop with practical knowledge and effective skills to maintain emotional well-being both now and in the future. Read more about our custom course offerings on our full course listings page.